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Thank you for your interest in adopting a new British shorthair kitten, we look forward to you getting a new kitten as soon as possible. Families will be able to adopt a new kitten once they fulfill certain criteria which are to the discretion of the breeder to decide. In some cases the waiting list can be long and we would appreciate your patience.

Please observe that we deliver the kittens chipped, with passport and we expect you to neuter them after 1 year. The adoptive family must have open space for the kittens to move freely, the cats get stressed if they are confined in small spaces. Everyday fresh (purified) water is necessary with food that is suitable for the kitten and later on adult cat. The kittens are delivered healthy of at least 3 months old. We are taking a break from breeding this year, we hope to be able to have kittens next year.

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