Hercules from City of Angels is the first cat in the cattery and is Grand International Champion at FIFe cat fancier society. He has on numerous occasions won Best in Show and been elected as Romanian National Winner 2014 and 2015. He is born February 2013, having grown quickly and is a strong young male. His father is Supreme Champion Prinz Herry Von Augustenburg and mother is Champion Elvira of the Lion King. The first pictures above are from 2015 and the latter are from 2016. As one can see, the British Shorthair grows even further from two years of age. The breed may need up to five years of age in order to mature.

We appreciate mostly Hercules’ character, he is an independent and adaptable cat, most of the time eager to explore new areas, people and other animals. He is most of the times fearless. He is very picky about what he eats and is very gentle and generous to some of his feline friends. He prefers to watch the world around him and plays mostly at dusk or dawn.

Hercules’ pedigree