We breed British Shorthair so that others can enjoy the marvelous creatures as much as we do.
A lot of people are interested in these cats and we are willing to share this joy.

reasons for choosing a british shorthair


Compared to other cat breeds British shorthair is calmer and very tolerant. That does not mean you should put the cat under stress, they may react unexpectedly.


Smart and they usually get their way. Once learnt something that is in their favour then they continue to do so. They are not obedient to learn as you please, however they many times understand your intention.


They are renowed for their beauty. They perform great at cat shows, you should be able to easily identify a British Shorthair cat when you see one. Their double coat with short hair gives a beautiful look which makes stand out in a crowd.


They are very gentle and agile cats, they will try to avoid to destroy things as much as possible. Of course, accidents happen :)